Moving House

1 Mar

It’s been a long while since I have posted here. A lot has happened. Many of my goals are coming to fruition. Because of these amazing changes I have decided to move my focus entirely to my new site

I have been Studying Naturopathy and have gained a qualification in Massage Therapy. We are even now in the midst of moving to land to create and develop our sustainable and creative lifestyle. Earth & Vitality will be a collaboration of Naturopathy and Permaculture. Much like this site it will follow the adventures of creating a healthy lifestyle but with the additional bonus of professional perspectives and community collaboration.

Thank you to all of the support and interest you have given over the years.

Join us for the next step at Earth & Vitality, watch it grow!


Trust like… Amanda Palmer

16 Jan

Love Leaf

It has come to my attention over the last twelve months that what I have been doing is exactly what I needed to do. I have learned, perhaps again, how to let go and trust that I will fall lightly into the right place.

What if everything going wrong sets you free to do what is wonderfully right?

My focus has previously been on achieving, to the exclusion of living. But I never seemed to achieve enough. I constantly, judgementally discredited all of my talents always waiting to “Get a real job” as Amanda Palmer put it so beautifully. My goals over the past few years have been to change this outlook. While breaking the habit I have repeatedly found that much of my self worth has been closely entwined with whatever job I have been doing. Earlier in the year, quite a few unexpected surprises (or blessings) forced me to re-evaluate where I was headed and what  I should do next. As usual, I had a grand plan so this was not an ideal scenario for me. Through everything unraveling, I realised how far off track I really was and how much of a beautiful gem of an opportunity lay before me. An opportunity to really make my “Real Job” happen! I don’t know where it will take me but I am pretty excited about it! I’m not saying it has been easy, but working forward I have been able to complete my certificate in massage, create a long term goal for how I want to live and create some wonderful friendships. And hello, I am blogging again. That’s just the start!

My real job is using all of my talents, whether paid or unpaid. My job is to be creative, challenge myself, live life as one big picture, not divided into work, home, social time.  What I have learned is…

Trust in yourself, believe in your people! Trust them to see you and catch you when you leap!

Oh and listen to Amanda Palmer…

Since it may rain…

31 Jan
Cool Brolly by yamuhaton / © Some rights reserved.Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license

Cool Brolly by yamuhaton / © Some rights reserved.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license


I’m thinking of going for a wander but it might rain…

Found this cool site on umbrellas… the projection one might be a bit dangerous for someone like me but there are many others to choose from…

Keep dry and sunny hearted!

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