Gathering & Momentum

7 Feb

Hello New and Old Friends,

First things first…Thank you!!! Your support and interest is incredibly encouraging and makes me think that this will work, and might be helpful to others, not just myself! To make things a little easier for you I have added a subscribe list link to the site on the left there. Pop in your email and new posts will be sent direct to your inbox. Another change coming up will be the crossover to! It’s all happening.

Thoughts this week have been all about how to cross over from being creatively inactive and super busy in an unproductive way to being organised and motivated enough to find time for the things thatwill change my lifestyle.My first goal…drumroll… is to start producing artworks. I want this to be fun and exciting, not an excercise of judgement and self criticism.{nervous laugh}  Starting small with one per week. Yes I will upload them!

I cannot count the weeks, years that I have found myself disappointed in myself because I never quite found the time to be creative. Time to stop waiting for the “perfect circumstance” and get drawing. No more fear of failure, no more judgement, just drawing, a nice gentle {hopefully} start. So how do I actually make this happen, I need to give it priority & value. This makes me feel a little selfish and a little nervous, but I realise that if I don’t give myself this opportunity, I will keep waiting… forever.

No thanks. I’m off to the drawing board… with a big smile on my face!

Along with gathering momentum, I want to gather like-minded people. I hope eventually through sharing my experiences and you sharing yours we might be able to start a little creative community here. Wouldn’t that be lovely. Bounce ideas and motivation back and forth. Make things move!

What have you been waiting too long to do? How are you going to make it happen?

x Alicia

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