Creativity is not just crafty!

9 Feb

West End Graffiti

I worried a little this week that maybe by talking about creativity and artworks, and calling for a “creative comunity” some of you may feel a little outside the loop. The word “creativity” is so often used exclusively in reference to the arts that you may have assumed that I couldn’t possibly be referring to you! Wrong!

Creativity to me isn’t just about “the arts”. It’s about making things happen. To me a creative person is one who:

Ignites Momentum, sparks a change!



We are all creative in our own way. I think the key to making a difference is learning how we can use our talents to create something that makes us, and maybe others, feel incredible and useful. Your creativity may lie in the arts, in creating inspiration for people, creating better health, solutions or organisation. Wherever it is, you need to first acknowledge it, then take some action to give it some credit. Share it.

Your creativity, how you make things happen, how you create your world around you, is a very powerful thing. Because it’s YOU!  What do you see as being your creative talents and you using them or are they dusty?

The pics I have posted are from a shop side in West End, The owner created momentum with a welcome, a space, that led to some great artworks that have since been evolving. An invitation led to an opportunity. This excites me and get’s me thinking of what else is possible? What else can we invite others to express that might lead to something beautiful?

Who inspires you with their special brand of creativity? Post me some links to sites you think are creative… maybe in a different way that isn’t artistic? Lets get interesting!

To get you started here are some of mine:

Blue Caravan is creating a difference to ethical shopping options in Australia. Tick!
Slinkachu is taking different approach to street art that is incredibly cool, This blog loads quicker than the website but is linked.
Paul Villinski makes beautiful artworks by recycling cans, you will be surprised at how beautiful and unusual his work is…

x Alicia

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