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17 Feb

Happy Friday!

Hello from http://www.appletreefox.com! I am an official domain owner, how exciting. All of this has been a massive learning curve with so many options. Most importantly, how I deliver my content. I have been thinking and thinking about how to make my posts more relevant and easy to digest. I have so much information, ideas and inspirations to play with I was feeling a little overwhelmed!

Being a {little} bit if a perfectionist… {cough} I had to do this right, I had to find a way to organise this in a way that would allow me to express all that I am through this blog. Yikes! After a bit of research on Scoutie Girl, a blog I am growing to love, I came up with this format:

An apple a day… is about healthy body, healthy mind. I will feature recipes and articles on balance and wellbeing.

Simple “how to tread lightly” green tips that you can incorporate into your everyday, one by one. Simple, easy and ethical.

This is the core of my project. Here I will share Inspirations, Observations, Creativity and Artworks.

I will link to sites and blogs that excite me, show you what I have been up to at my desk and fill you in on how the journey is really going. I hope to have guest interviews here in the future too!

What do you think, have I missed anything?

As well as developing the website, I have been working on a secret artwork {a gift} this week so I can’t share, as promised, just yet. But I do have these artworks you can have a peek at,  I sketched them at the start of the year when I decided to jump into appletreefox. Apologies for the picture quality, i’ll upgrade the images soon. I used 0.4 Artline felt tip black pen on white cartridge paper.

The first image {lovetreefox} was me getting used to drawing again, trying to be careful… I think its Ok.



The second though I did let loose and I like the result. I think as well because I liked the subject…{windy treefoxing} This is more my style. messy.



I see both of these images as a starting point, I’m looking forward to developing them a little further… I would like to make just the apples red, play with contrast, put the image onto fabric etc. I think it’s a good start. I had fun!

Happy weekend!

x Alicia

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