{foxcraft} A Direction, A Mission Statement…

29 Feb

Why are we here and what on earth am I doing?

After my last post I realised how important it was going to be for me to have a clear goal for this blog and for myself over the next few weeks. I scribbled up a storm and in the end came to the conclusion that there are two reasons I am doing this. One, to be happier. Two, to communicate and share with you. I have gathered my words to create the following mission statement…


My name is Alicia and this is my space for things and thoughts that I…

have found
want to share

Through {APPLETREEFOX} I will create, discover and share my journey into a new lifestyle that will celebrate all of my skills and talents.

Here is where I will be honest, be motivated and motivator. I will prioritise creativity, happiness, sustainability and health!

This is a place for readers to be inspired, proactive, provoked and involved.

To learn that small things are beautiful and powerful. To know that we all have great potential.

{APPLETREEFOX} aims to gather like minded people to engage in a healthy, glowing, sustainably motivated community.

Lets all share our travel notes…

What do you think?

Now for your chance to get involved…

I would like you to share one word describing why you are here… or what you would like to find here…

Each week, I will use one of these words as the inspiration for a post.

Can you spare a word?

x Alicia

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