{share} Balance & Creative Rituals

5 Mar

Stars {photo: alciaia camenzuli}
I did it! I left my job and am giving myself a well earned rest. This is my opportunity to focus on becoming more balanced and create some healthy routines. On one hand I don’t want to live day to day, slave to my goals, on the other I don’t want to become too relaxed, losing focus and not being productive. So what do I want? I want a flow, I want a balance between energy in and energy out. I want to share this page with you…

Creative Call to Action: Create a Morning Ritual. Commit Daily To Your Creative Work. – Edison Rex.

Maeg has given me the wonderful idea of creating my own morning ritual, to stay focused and free to be creative. My favourite part is where I get to reward myself with stars! I hope you like it!

What could you do to bring more balance into your life?

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