Create & Destroy! Ninjas or Laser beams?

19 Mar
Alicia In Wonderland Text

From "Alice in Wonderland", on the wall at Inspire Bar, West End {photo: alicia camenzuli}

It’s a new week and I have decided to sharpen my focus. After a few weeks of being hard on myself for not producing enough, not being dedicated enough, not being enough, I know it’s time for a change. My goal has been to become more creative. I have asked myself, again, how I should be going about this and why it is so difficult. I have many habits and ingrained beliefs surrounding my creativity that I have not confronted. These sly little beliefs have lived long enough. They have been well fed and free range, so I don’t feel so bad that it’s their time to go. This week I am creating new habits and un-creating those old, heavy, chain and ball beliefs I have carried around for too long. The strong, amazing me, the one hiding behind these creatures, the person I am becoming, is {in this moment} these things:

  • Practices regular yoga
  • Is an excellent runner
  • Is a joyful creative
  • Feels strong and healthy
  • Seldom sways from the present
  • Is always learning
  • Is thankful and happy for every opportunity, no matter how small.

I don’t feel I am these things right now. But these are the things I want for myself. The things that I become excited about being. The people around me deserve to have the best version of myself I can create. The only way I can become this is to start now.

So… I am destroying, one by one, again and again, until they die… the ideas that have allowed fear to dictate how I choose to”Be Alicia”. I am envisioning myself at the command of a laser beam at this point, or a group of ninjas. Probably ninjas are best for this application. Yes.

The truth is…

  • I don’t need to fit into anyones idea of what I should be
  • I don’t need to make myself smaller to make others more comfortable
  • I don’t need to be afraid of doing things that have not been done before
  • I don’t need to be afraid just because others are afraid
  • I can make a difference by being myself, so can you.

By moving physically towards this better self, I believe my artworks and creativity will blossom. As I gain strength, my identity and visualisation will gain strength. As I become more flexible, as too will my creativity and flow.

Who is your best self and what is your truth? I urge you to write it down, and make your own statement!

What do you want to create and/or destroy this week?



6 Responses to “Create & Destroy! Ninjas or Laser beams?”

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