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Finding a Job to Keep…

24 Apr
Photo: Alicia Camenzuli - Crystal Castle Bamboo Walk

Photo: Alicia Camenzuli - Crystal Castle Bamboo Walk

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I have been busy. I am now looking for my next paid job.

It’s hard and exciting to be looking for work. My biggest fear is accepting the wrong position, jumping in too soon, forgetting why I’m after a new job in the first place. I am ready now though. I have had my rest and am rearing to get into my next challenge.

I believe that we are the sum of all our experiences and I have had quite a few. Wouldn’t it be great for employers to look at us for what we are able to do with the skills we have developed, rather than {so literally} what we have done so far as a limitation. As I have said in earlier posts, no job is going to fulfil every one of my requirements. So, still, my intention is to put my eggs in more than one basket. I am looking for something that will meet my most important expectations… If I have these, I will be happy.

* A great team of like-minded people

* A position that has challenges and responsibility

* A company that values its people and the environment

* A position where I can share and learn

Areas like creativity, hands on building, business development, creating a change, sharing my skills for humanitarian gain… These, if not at work, I can do myself, through {appletreefox} and by developing the way I live outside of work. My goal is for both areas of my life to fuel each-other. The more inspired I am at work, the more I can carry this energy to my home activities, and vice versa.

Long term, I see myself either working for and developing a company that I love, or running my own part time business, growing my own produce and creating artwork to sell. Two directions, who knows what will happen? I just want to enjoy the journey. That’s the point isn’t it. Simple, everyday, happiness. I no longer feel the need to take over the world, just to do well in whatever I do.

In the meantime… I am going to work on gathering my skills, in all those areas I have not had a chance to explore yet. I am planning to join a local permaculture group as a volunteer, start making solar power lamps out of some gourds from the farm, keep working on a vege cookbook and practice riding motorbikes. Artworks are still on the agenda, though lately I have been more interested in the garden so I’m going with that.

Health is also high on my agenda at the moment. I am back to running 4.5km twice a week. Looking to get up to three times and increase my distance. Running by the water is just beautiful. Along with running comes the need for better nutrition. I will talk about this in more detail another day.

For now though, any job ideas are welcome! Also ideas on how to choose the right position!

What opportunities are available that are beyond my expectations?


Sweet Juicy Abundance

15 Mar
This Is Your Year - conilab.etsy.com

Photo and print by coniLab on Etsy - conilab.etsy.com

My how far I have come! It’s easy to forget where we start when things get busy…

A few words have been ringing in my head recently that I would like to explore more.

Abundance and Expansion!

Who doesn’t want to live a more abundant life? How many of us are living abundant lives but aren’t realising it? Since I have started developing appletreefox I have expanded myself to embrace new things and continue to do so, despite the occasional resistance or inner struggle. I’m here, I’m writing. I may not be doing everything exactly the way I planned but I’m here and writing. For that I’m giving myself a star! To give myself a little positive reality check I compiled the following lists:

My life is ABUNDANT with:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Materials for Art
  • Time for Arts
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Opportunities for better health
  • Opportunities to share my creative growth. (I have a new facebook page, Like {appletreefox} on facebook  here)
  • So many opportunities!

Areas I want to bring more ABUNDANCE:

  • Health and Physical Strength
  • Money and Career Satisfaction
  • Ability to be still and relaxed.

By putting pen to paper and being honest about how abundant my life actually is, it seems easier to focus more clearly on the areas I want to grow in. Things aren’t ever as bad as we think.

What can I do to improve my health and improve my energy?

What do I need to focus on to get the career I want?

How can I find stillness and live in a more relaxed state?

So do you think you are living an abundant life or are you ignoring all the good while focusing only on your current struggle? Make a list of where you would like to see more abundance in your life and see what shows up. I just love the word so am hanging it above my workspace to look at everyday. This Scoutie Girl Post by Brittni Melhoff shows some great motivational art to inspire.

Happy and Abundant Thursday!

Lamb Trees, The Vegetarian Option

14 Mar

Scotland Trees {alicia camenzuli}

I wish meat grew on trees.

It would solve all my food problems and would reduce our environmental impact more significantly than most of us could imagine.

What I want to understand is this, why do my food choices seem to affect people so personally and why have I cared for so long?

Meat and I have had an interesting relationship for many years. Let’s get this straight, I grew up eating and enjoying meat. I did though, from a young age, begin to feel a heaviness when I ate it. It started when I began to recognise that what I was eating, was in fact an animal. I love animals and have been confused about eating them for a long time, because to me, on a basic level, it makes no sense at all. Let’s be honest. There is no reason for most people in this modern western world to eat meat. Nutritionally it is possible, even easy to have a balanced and healthy diet. Too much meat even makes people sick. So why are we holding onto our harmful carnivorous ways?

I have spent the last five years swinging between vegetarian and carnivore. The main reason for my lack of vegetarian success has been habit and guilt. I have been so concerned with inconveniencing others with my vegetarianism that I have found myself, many a time, eating meals that I don’t really want to, to avoid being “a trouble”. As an (almost) vegetarian, I never really think to ask people why they eat meat, or judge them for it. Most meat eaters though, seem to ask in an accusing way (quite often) why I don’t eat it. Sometimes I get the impression that my vegetarianism is a personal affront to them. Perhaps it is.

If I want to be honest, I do think that people should care more about what they eat generally. I think people shoud be more educated as to where that food comes from. I have a big problem with the lack of responsibility people take for problems in our world. I believe that by buying factory farmed meats, by expecting low priced product, we are supporting a cruel industry and taking away from the older style “good practice” farming methods that are more sustainable and humane. I think that what we eat is a choice. When we become old enough to buy our own food, we make choices as to which industries we support. I don’t think meat eating is wrong, I think not being aware is wrong. Meat eating is not what it used to be, it’s not a natural process anymore and it is out of control. What it comes down to is our habits and traditions versus the modern factory farming reality.

My food choices have always been about how I see myself, how I see the world and how truthful I want to be with myself. I want to live, in accordance with my beliefs, in line with what I believe to be right. I want my actions to reflect and impact on what I accept and do not accept about farming industry processes.

I’m definitely not perfect and I’m still trying to find my feet. I am feeling better though, year by year, as I learn more and am able to feel my actions align with my beliefs. The more aware I become, the harder it is to turn a blind eye. My reasons for change are both ethical and emotional. They are mine alone and I have decided to stand by them. I am no longer ashamed or embarassed. 

I now eat as a Vegetarian as an everyday standard. This works for me and I feel stronger and healthier for it.

Once a month, if I feel like it (and it’s looking as though I might allow some months to pass) I allow myself to celebrate a beautiful meal (with some beautiful people) that is prepared with ethically produced or caught meat. This means a celebratory traditional or meal with meaning.

I am grateful for becoming more vegetarian as it has opened my world to delicious foods that I would never have discovered. Good Vegetarian is far from eating “just vegetables”. I will share my recipes with you soon… Until then, have a look at Heidi Swansons 101 Cookbooks. It’s a beautiful catalogue of healthy, delicious vegetarian food!

Eating Animals is a great book you should read if you are interested… it will expand your horizons. This is a great debate that I could identify with. Jonathan Safran, like me had been swinging to and fro for years before finally coming to a decision on how to feed his young Son. This is not an anti-meat book, it is a factual look at pracitices and arguments from both sides of the meat camp.

What are your feelings on food and vegetarianism? Do you think before you eat? I struggle with the idea of never eating my families traditional meals again, is tradition a reason to be carnivorous?

Do you think you get what you pay for?

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