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Minimalism & Balance

29 Jan


As long as I can remember I have been goal orientated. Pushing myself beyond my expectations, beyond my bodies capabilities all to obtain my goals. I was brought up to believe I could have anything I wanted, and it’s true. I can, if I work hard enough. Working hard to achieve my goals I have come a long way. When I look at my career I can see how much I have achieved and am content. My all or nothing methods though are not sustainable and my accomplishments have come at a price. My body has suffered from always being put second, or third and so have many of my interests and more creative ventures.

A wise friend of mine shared some advice that to get 50% you  need to give up 50%

Life is 100% full already so if you want to add new things you need to let go of some others. It’s all about balance.

Balance is not about instant delivery, its about knowing when to use the force behind you and when to relax and reflect. Accepting and embracing that both are powerful and important actions. To achieve what I strive for, “letting go” is becoming the most important step to moving forward.

Recently I have been interested in minimalism. It started with a wardrobe clean-out that led me to find Project 333. 33 Items of clothing for 3 months. Bliss! Since this discovery I have been researching and it makes so much sense. Letting go of things has started to allow me to find more space for experience. I am feeling calmer and have a growing sense of possibility.

Instead of adding endless things, items and jobs to my “plan” I am now going to focus on things I can remove from my life, to make more space for the important things. Relationships, Creativity and Health.

Create & Destroy! Ninjas or Laser beams?

19 Mar
Alicia In Wonderland Text

From "Alice in Wonderland", on the wall at Inspire Bar, West End {photo: alicia camenzuli}

It’s a new week and I have decided to sharpen my focus. After a few weeks of being hard on myself for not producing enough, not being dedicated enough, not being enough, I know it’s time for a change. My goal has been to become more creative. I have asked myself, again, how I should be going about this and why it is so difficult. I have many habits and ingrained beliefs surrounding my creativity that I have not confronted. These sly little beliefs have lived long enough. They have been well fed and free range, so I don’t feel so bad that it’s their time to go. This week I am creating new habits and un-creating those old, heavy, chain and ball beliefs I have carried around for too long. The strong, amazing me, the one hiding behind these creatures, the person I am becoming, is {in this moment} these things:

  • Practices regular yoga
  • Is an excellent runner
  • Is a joyful creative
  • Feels strong and healthy
  • Seldom sways from the present
  • Is always learning
  • Is thankful and happy for every opportunity, no matter how small.

I don’t feel I am these things right now. But these are the things I want for myself. The things that I become excited about being. The people around me deserve to have the best version of myself I can create. The only way I can become this is to start now.

So… I am destroying, one by one, again and again, until they die… the ideas that have allowed fear to dictate how I choose to”Be Alicia”. I am envisioning myself at the command of a laser beam at this point, or a group of ninjas. Probably ninjas are best for this application. Yes.

The truth is…

  • I don’t need to fit into anyones idea of what I should be
  • I don’t need to make myself smaller to make others more comfortable
  • I don’t need to be afraid of doing things that have not been done before
  • I don’t need to be afraid just because others are afraid
  • I can make a difference by being myself, so can you.

By moving physically towards this better self, I believe my artworks and creativity will blossom. As I gain strength, my identity and visualisation will gain strength. As I become more flexible, as too will my creativity and flow.

Who is your best self and what is your truth? I urge you to write it down, and make your own statement!

What do you want to create and/or destroy this week?



Sweet Juicy Abundance

15 Mar
This Is Your Year - conilab.etsy.com

Photo and print by coniLab on Etsy - conilab.etsy.com

My how far I have come! It’s easy to forget where we start when things get busy…

A few words have been ringing in my head recently that I would like to explore more.

Abundance and Expansion!

Who doesn’t want to live a more abundant life? How many of us are living abundant lives but aren’t realising it? Since I have started developing appletreefox I have expanded myself to embrace new things and continue to do so, despite the occasional resistance or inner struggle. I’m here, I’m writing. I may not be doing everything exactly the way I planned but I’m here and writing. For that I’m giving myself a star! To give myself a little positive reality check I compiled the following lists:

My life is ABUNDANT with:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Materials for Art
  • Time for Arts
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Opportunities for better health
  • Opportunities to share my creative growth. (I have a new facebook page, Like {appletreefox} on facebook  here)
  • So many opportunities!

Areas I want to bring more ABUNDANCE:

  • Health and Physical Strength
  • Money and Career Satisfaction
  • Ability to be still and relaxed.

By putting pen to paper and being honest about how abundant my life actually is, it seems easier to focus more clearly on the areas I want to grow in. Things aren’t ever as bad as we think.

What can I do to improve my health and improve my energy?

What do I need to focus on to get the career I want?

How can I find stillness and live in a more relaxed state?

So do you think you are living an abundant life or are you ignoring all the good while focusing only on your current struggle? Make a list of where you would like to see more abundance in your life and see what shows up. I just love the word so am hanging it above my workspace to look at everyday. This Scoutie Girl Post by Brittni Melhoff shows some great motivational art to inspire.

Happy and Abundant Thursday!

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