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{foxcraft} Feeling Lost & Zombie Gnomes

27 Feb

The last few weeks have been challenging. I have given my two weeks notice and am heading into the unknown…  One week to go.

I sometimes forget where I am going and have recently found myself floundering amidst loose ends I have created but don’t quite know how to tie off. Making big life changes isn’t always easy for me with my tendency to get caught up in my own whirlwind, trying to make everything perfect.  It’s what  most times brings me crashing down. I have found myself mentally exhausted, feeling physically ill and well beyond tired.  Lucky though…I have a goal that will allow me to find myself in better shape than ever!

My biggest problem – remembering what it is!

Luckily, I had a chance to have some serious downtime on the weekend. Sunday afternoon, still feeling a little down and exhausted, I found myself with no other choice than to try and find some balance. I had to calm down, take a breath and relax. I headed down to the garden with my camera to take photos of things that would cheer me up and to enjoy some good company. Success! What better way to spend a sunday afternoon. A recent addition to the garden are these awesome zombie gnomes, a birthday present to a favourite person of mine… They make me smile… . So do the sunflowers and the bean leaves in the breeze… ahh.

Zombie Gnomes


Bean Vine

The garden always makes me feel better, and so did taking these photos. Simple things.  I realised that maybe what I need is a simpler goal, an easy way to keep on track despite all of the changes happening around me. A way to keep myself focused and happy about where things are headed. A way to remember the point without getting distracted!

So with one week to go, what is the point of all this? What is important to me and what am I trying to achieve? I’m going to create my own mission statement, one for myself personally and one for the appletreefox project.

Help me out a little and let me know what you think I should include.

What is a simple method or goal you use/have to keep you on track? Please share…

x Alicia

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